WLE's Salinity Management Framework
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  WLE Salinity Management Framework

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   Why a framework?

Field/community system scale - solutions:

Controling salinity

Controling salinity at the field scale focuses on decreasing or increasing the fluxes through the root zone. The possible solutions listed here indicate which of the fluxes it attempts to influence.

Mixed systems

A broader systems approach is taken on some farms, where the salinity management approach is using partially a fighting salinity approach, and partially a living with salinity approach. The idea of the mixed systems is to allow farms to partially produce high income products, and partially solve the mobilized salt problem within the farm boundaries using a sustainable approach.

Living with salinity

Living with salinity accepts that the resources are too limited to fight salinity. Living with salinity accepts that crop production, or agricultural production, will be limited. It attempts to make the most out of a deteriorated system. Often, the choices made in the "living with salinity" options will not be sustainable in the long run. A simple salt balance will show that most of the living with salinity options will end with an increased salt mass in the root zone. However, the options provide some sort of income, labor opportunity and production from degraded systems.

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